The Waves of Innovation in Traditional, Online and Mobile Banking

In the last few years Mobile Banking Apps have dominated user acquisition over traditional banks. Why? Because challenger banks like N26, AAZZUR, Revolut, Monzo or Monese do offer a much better customer experience at an also much better cost for the user, both in money and time.

These money and time savings -bringing an amazing personal convenience to users-, along with a more pleasurable experience while using their current accounts or cards were essential for the revolutionary adoption neobanks had.

As a someone I read in the past few weeks mentioned, these mobile challengers were better at:

  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility -ease of opening an account
  • Fast, on-the-go, and paperless transactions
  • Increased security

The next wave of mobile banking, with the coming of open banking, is even more attractive for users. Platforms such as Aazzur are soon bringing a new and much improved experience for the user, with benefits such as:

  • Social banking features for sharing your family, couple, or friends’ financial life. (already functional in our Beta)
  • All your bank accounts, and credit and debit cards in the same place. (already functional and soon to be implemented)
  • A marketplace of financial services within your banking account. You get access to insurance, credit, investment, cryptos, trading or FX, all in your smartphone, in one single app. (coming very soon)
  • An intelligent AI-based advisor that will smartly give you pointers based on your usage and data. For example, if you buy airplane tickets, it will intelligently suggest the best travel insurance and other relevant offers from the financial services marketplace. (coming soon)

At AAZZUR we are focused on delivering the best banking user experience ever, so we need everybody’s comments and feedback. We just launched our Beta and want your help to test and keep building the perfect cross-border banking experience, so we are gifting all our Beta Testers with all the Premium Features for FREE and with early access to upcoming features!!

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