Saving with Ryan, privately

For improved success when trying to save, I always find it is better to involve your friends and family in your money saving. Without this, you’ll have a tough time achieving your goals. For more people, the reason they fail to save money is not a lack of money-saving ideas — it’s themselves and their lack of discipline. By involving your friends, you eliminate that lack of discipline and give yourself automatic accountability and a built-in reason to win.

Why your friends matter
Getting your friends involved is important because your spending is based on your context. A lot of us like to think that we make our financial decisions individually. What an American, determinist perspective! But it’s not true. Our spending depends on those around us. For example, if you make $30,000/year, you probably hang out with others who make similar amounts and have similar spending patterns. If your friends shop a lot, and you’ve been accepted into that group of friends, chances are you shop too. Social influence is extremely powerful

Think about it: When was the last time you spent money because of friends? For me, it was this weekend, when I ate out. It was fun, it was social — but it was also financial…

Saving is always a struggle, so I want as much help as I can get. With AAZZUR, you can share your saving goal with others to keep motivated, or even ask your mum/grandmother/friend to help you reach your goal.