Mobile banking security, unlock AAZZUR with your fingerprint

Keeping your money and personal details safe and secure is our biggest priority. Mobile banking can be safer than banking on a browser, so we’ve given ourselves a head start, but we’ve also worked hard to build the very best security from scratch alongside features that give you complete control.

Biometric identification

If you want some extra privacy when you’re using AAZZUR on your phone, you can now choose to unlock the bank with the power of your fingerprint.

We know many of you would like to have an extra level of privacy when you’re using your AAZZUR banks — we’ve received many requests through customer support for it! So we’ve added the ability to unlock your bank account using just your fingerprint 👆

Fingerprint or facial recognition is the most secure way to log in to your app. It’s worth setting up if your phone supports it, but if not, you can just set up a password instead.