Joint bank accounts and Split the Bills: 2 powerful ways of managing finances together

With AAZZUR, when you are travelling, or living with your partner/friend, you can either:

  1. Share your account/money, and manage your financial life together, or
  2. Split all the bills as you go.


Joint Account

A joint bank account is simply an account that you can share with your partner, housemates, or family. With a joint account, all account holders are entitled to make and view transactions, hold a bank card, and pay money in.

Joint bank accounts are often used as an easy and transparent way to manage shared finances. For example, a couple living together may open a joint account so they can pay in money that will then be used to cover the cost of their rent or mortgage, and other bills. Some people who live in shared housing also open joint accounts for the same thing, sharing the bill-paying responsibility among all tenants.

Split the Bill

Shortly, it is an easy splitting of group expenses function built in AAZZUR.

It is an almost automatic way to share bills with friends or family. You could say it is the simplest way to calculate who owes what, assign those amounts to each and send a payment request in seconds.