We have been taking a look at the survey listed in the latest consumer report from Consumers Korea, and here’s what we found.

In the last few years Mobile Banking Apps have dominated user acquisition over traditional banks. Why? Because challenger banks like N26, AAZZUR, Revolut, Monzo or Monese do offer a much better customer experience at an also much better cost for the user, both in money and time. These money and time savings -bringing an amazing

Travelling the world and banking in international settings is not easy. It is painful, patience-testing, and usually you end up regretting many money decisions you make in the way. Today, travel banking does not have to be a trauma. We understand how stressful it can be to manage cross-border transactions, so we have put together

When I studied abroad in 2010, the thought of opening a bank account didn’t even cross my mind — there was no information out there nor was it provided by my abroad program. We all just would have weekly-ish runs to the ATM that was outside our apartment and withdrew what we needed at the

Keeping your money and personal details safe and secure is our biggest priority. Mobile banking can be safer than banking on a browser, so we’ve given ourselves a head start, but we’ve also worked hard to build the very best security from scratch alongside features that give you complete control. Biometric identification If you want

Saving with Ryan, privately

For improved success when trying to save, I always find it is better to involve your friends and family in your money saving. Without this, you’ll have a tough time achieving your goals. For more people, the reason they fail to save money is not a lack of money-saving ideas — it’s themselves and their