5 tips to travel the world without worrying about your money or your bank

Travelling the world and banking in international settings is not easy. It is painful, patience-testing, and usually you end up regretting many money decisions you make in the way. Today, travel banking does not have to be a trauma. We understand how stressful it can be to manage cross-border transactions, so we have put together some banking tips for travel that will make worries about banking abroad a thing of the past!

Of course everyone of us would like to transfer money quickly and at no cost, save money, get the best exchange rates, and avoid any extra fees when travelling. Here’s how all these financial travelling goals are within your reach:


1. Say Hi to Mobile Banking!

Download AAZZUR, the best mobile banking platform for travelers and for banking abroad. For a traveler, this is an absolute essential. It’s the best solution around to manage and keep track of your money on the go, and to easily share aspects of your financial life with family and friends.

The best you can do is to download AAZZUR from your smart phone and stay updated throughout your trip. The convenience and ease of use of mobile banking is undoubtedly great. Due to fraud and identity theft protection, a lot of travelers wish to stay away from it, but AAZZUR’s security features are so strong you should not worry at all. As a general rule with any app: To avoid putting yourself in any troublesome situation, avoid accessing any open network that you can’t trust.


2. Don’t Give it Back to the Bank

When you are moving around, ATM fees can add up a lot to your trip costs. Your money is hard-earned. Why should you give all that money to the bank when you could use it for something else?

ATM fees are usually abusive… There are a number of ways to avoid these fees. The AAZZUR Current Account for example does not charge anything for ATM usage. If you are planning to use other solution, you should always try to choose a bank that is part of a Global ATM Network. These banks do not charge a fee for the ATM withdrawals. It is also a good option to choose a low-fee card, as even when the charges aren’t zero, they are still way less than other options. AAZZUR also will provide you with a zero-fees card (virtual or physical).


3. Get a No-Fee Credit Card

It is very common to pay for travel expenses using your card, as it is a great way to handle foreign exchange because you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around. The leading credit cards like MasterCard or Visa are accepted almost everywhere around the world and help you travel without having to carry much cash.

An invaluable banking abroad tip for me is to choose a credit card that does not charge you annual fees and that will give you basic travel insurance coverage as a perk. AAZZUR will also give you all of this. Credit card foreign transaction fees can also be a money-drainer, so you should also think about that when you select the right credit card for traveling. After downloading AAZZUR, you will be able to order a MasterCard virtual or physical card that does not charge any foreign transaction fees.

Keep in mind that credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so you should always carry a little cash just in case.


4. Say No to the Airports Exchange Kiosks

Despite being one of the most convenient ways to access foreign exchange, you will always pay for the convenience. There is an abundance of airport kiosks that help you get cash in foreign currency in no time. However, you will always get charged for the convenience.

As an intelligent traveler, you can easily skip these fees. For example, you could use your AAZZUR card to get money directly at an ATM at a probably much more convenient exchange rate. Plan your access to foreign currencies ahead of time and always try to avoid the airport kiosks!


5. Keep Your Cash Safe

It is a shame to hear so many tales of travelers who loose their money while being abroad. Everybody can be a victim at some point, so it’s very important to protect your cash when you travel.

Some tricks are secret pockets or money belts, and some even carry a dummy wallet. Be mindful of your surroundings and carry the least money you can. You have AAZZUR to help.


6. Let Your Bank Know You Are Abroad

With AAZZUR you do not need to, but with any other bank informing your agent about your travel plans is probably one of the most important banking abroad tips. Banks are particularly observant these days when it comes to any suspected or irregular activity on your account. They might just block any activity from your account without informing you, leaving you stranded in a foreign country with no access to your money.